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Prof Tony Bjourson
(Acting Head of Group)
School of Biomedical Sciences
University of Ulster
Co Londonderry BT52 1SA


Prof Tony Bjourson
Position: Professor of Genomics and Acting Head of Group.
Interests: Molecular cloning and other molecular genetic technologies including transgenic plants, recombinant protein production and DNA microarrays.


Prof Tony McHale
Position: Professor of Medical Biotechnology
Prof W. Franklin Smyth
Position: Professor of Bio-Analytical Chemistry
Interests: The determination of small molecules of biological significance in complex matrices using HPLC, capillary electrophoresis and mass spectrometric detection.
Dr Venkataraman N. Ramachandran
Position: Research Fellow
Interests: Secondary metabolites of plant origin, their isolation, structure elucidation, synthesis and study of their biological activities. Extracts of Aegle marmelos, Toddalia asiatica, Houttuyniae cordata have been used in Asian herbal medicine and isolation of active principles of these plants is part of current studies.
Dr Poonam Singh neé Nigam
Position: Senior Lecturer in Biotechnology
Interests: Solid state fermentation, biotransformations, identification of novel enzymes.
Dr Stephen McClean
Position: Lecturer in Proteomics
Interests: The determination of peptides and small molecules by LC-quadrupole ion trap and QToF mass spectrometry. Other interests include MS/MS sequencing of peptides, Edman degradation sequencing, peptide synthesis and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.
Dr David F. Orr
Position: Research Fellow
Interests: Protein sequencing, mass spectrometry, endocrine tumor proteomics.
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Research Group. .